We offer our guests unforgettable moments of relaxation, not only thanks to the comfort of our rooms and the wonderful natural spectacle that surrounds the facility, but also thanks to the proximity to renowned hydrothermal springs, which can be easily reached by guests who wish to spend a day of rest and well-being.

The water from the thermal springs in the Cuneo area, with its myriad benefits, restores body and spirit. These facilities are equipped not only with facilities for administering medical therapies, but also with beauty and wellness centers.

A 20-minute drive from the farmhouse is the Istituto Idrotermale, Terme e Centro Benessere di Lurisia (Lurisia Hydrothermal Institute, Spa and Wellness Center), with which we have an agreement; a little farther away, an hour’s drive from our facility, you will find the Vinadio Spa; finally, about 50 minutes from us, you can reach the Valdieri Spa.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to best plan your day of relaxation and wellness at one of these facilities.

Still on the subject of wellness, we would like to point out that we have an agreement with the swimming pool in Cuneo, and that the pool at our facility, reserved for farmhouse guests, will soon be completed.

Everyone surfs for fun. Lots of people do this with friends and club members and others enjoy doing this in a competition. Competitions are run at every level, from introductory events right up to World Championships. The best thing about competitions is that you’ll see and learn from other surf kayaks and get ideas of the skills that you want to develop.