Mountain biking

Our farmhouse is the ideal place for lovers of outdoor activities, in contact with nature and the beautiful surrounding landscapes. A bike ride is a perfect activity for young and old, inexperienced cyclists and those accustomed to getting around by this means: the routes near the facility can please everyone.

Guests will have the opportunity to set off on a hike on their bikes directly from the facility. Most of our bikes are equipped with poles, bulletin boards and lecterns to guide you on your visits.
Among the mountain-bike routes we recommend you will find Pravinè di Mezzo (Gias) from Peveragno, round trip to Pradeboni and Sella Morteis, suitable for cyclo-hikers with good technical skills; the “Via dei Morti” (a route of medium difficulty); some designated routes such as the Gesso torrent bike path, and the route from Youth Park to Borgo San Dalmazzo.
We offer a bike storage service, provide guests with necessary maintenance equipment and a bike washing area, as well as a laundry service for washing technical clothing.
A rental service will also be available.