Horseback riding

Our farmhouse is a suitable place for those who enjoy outdoor activities and wish to make the most of the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural environment in which the facility is located.

Among the activities we recommend is horseback riding, an exciting sport ideal for adults and children, being an ideal activity for those who want to socialize, have fun and be in contact with nature, but also for those who are already practicing this discipline and want to train in the middle of the green, breathing the clean mountain air.Among our plans is to build a riding school, to be included in the facility to allow our guests to approach this discipline in comfort without moving away from their accommodation. Currently, guests of the farmhouse can practice this activity in some of the nearby riding stables, with which we have an agreement.
Horseback riding is also a great way to explore the surrounding valley in a fun, relaxing and safe way through guided rides lasting a few hours.