Il bialot e la sua eva

water kettle
electric tea kit
bathroom courtesy set
breakfast room service on request
wooden floor
wooden floor Terrace overlooking the chestnut forest
reading and relaxation corner
bathtub in the room


The Il bialot e la sua eva (meaning the “stream and its water” in the local Piemontese dialect),is the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday.


The stream is a symbol of the life that flows, of passing time, but also of the change that accompanies every moment of life, in a continuous evolution.
Everything flows, like water, which contributes to the realization of the game of life with every drop.


Water that quenches animals and men, water that enriches the earth and nourishes its fruits, water that purifies and regenerates.
Water that with its strength pushes the millstones, to ensure survival and nourishment.

Life is born where there is water, always


And it is precisely on the colors of this incredible element that is formed this room of 27 square meters (290 square foot), equipped with amenities such as a chromotherapy bathtub, a kettle for water with tea kit, TV, sleeping area with queen bed and TV, reading and relaxation area, and a private terrace with a magnificent view where you can breathe the clean mountain air in the early morning.

The apartment can accommodate up to 2 people.
Double bed (2 persons): € 120 - 150

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Did you know that?

You will find many objects that were part of the historic rural life of this region, and that are still used sometimes today by our grandparents and other elders in the community. The decision to include these objects as decoration in our agriturismo stems from wanting the create a “thread” to tie together the past and present of our farm, and to invite our guest to learn more about the history of our rural origins.

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